The Traveling Museum is coming to Field Trip!

Join us at Silverwood Park in Saint Anthony, Minnesota on September 20th.

Crafty Planet, and Silverwood Park are teaming up for Field Trip! a day of art making, music, creative play and an outdoor art fair.  For this year’s event the staff at Silverwood Park are serving as guest curators for The Traveling Museum.

Silverwood Park Art Educator and Exhibition Coordinator, Eileen Cohen, and her team will be presenting: IMPACT Birds Navigating Glass in Built Space – a project by Miranda Brandon

Impact (Nashvile Warbler) by Miranda Brandon
Impact (Nashvile Warbler) by Miranda Brandon

Come spend time with the birds, in this case detailed images of the victims of glass collisions. Learn about why our feathered friends are important and about what difficulties they face when they brave their yearly migratory trek and what simple things you can do to help them out. Also, you can screenprint a shirt or print showing your support for the birds using a similar method to how bird-safe glass is made! (A limited number of shirts will be available – but you’re welcome to bring your own to print on!)
Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 4.14.10 PMMiranda Brandon was born and raised in Oklahoma, moved to Minneapolis in 1999 to study photography at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and has recently completed her Master of Fine Arts work at the University of Minnesota. Her work focuses on the shared relations and spaces between human and non-human species, specifically birds in her two most recent bodies of work.  Her love for birds grew out of time spent volunteering in the avian nursery at the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, where she helped care for sick, injured, and orphaned birds.  Later volunteering for the local Audubon, monitoring for bird fatalities due to window collisions, she began her project Impact highlighting the consequences of how spaces are constructed. Miranda continues to volunteer for the Audubon and also for The Raptor Center, rehabilitating flight strength in raptors prior to release, and has been collaborating with the Audubon on the Vikings stadium glass issue.

Field Trip! Saturday, September 20, 11 am – 5 pm at Silverwood Park in St. Anthony, MN

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