Gris Gris Gumbo Ya Ya

 2/6/15     from 4 – 6pm    On Green Lake in Spicer, MN

Homemade Gumbo and Paintings by Michael Eble 

Gris Gris Gumbo Ya Ya Is a combination of terms from an older song by the famous New Orleans musician, Dr. John. The song lyrics references Michael Eble’s own New Orleans upbringing and fittingly describes a one day/night art exhibition and social engagement project at the Traveling Museum. Visitors have the opportunity to view some of Eble’s paintings but also share a bowl Gumbo specially prepared by the artist.

Gumbo refers Gumbo is a dish that originated in southern Louisiana from the Louisiana Creole people during the 18th century. It typically consists primarily of a strongly flavored stock, okra, meat or shellfish, a thickener, and seasoning vegetables, which can include celery, bell peppers, garlic and onions. Gumbo is often categorized by the type of thickener used: the African vegetable okra, the Choctaw spice file powder (dried and ground sassafras leaves), or roux, the French base made of flour and fat. The dish likely derived its name from either the Bantu word for okra (ki ngombo) or the Choctaw word for filé (kombo).

The setting of exhibition also draws parallels with the content of the work. The layering of ice that exists below the Traveling Museum references the striations in the paintings. Additionally the idea that water from Green Lake eventually flows into the Crow river, which eventually connects to the Mississippi, and eventually flows past New Orleans, emphasizes the power of water to connect regions, cultures and people.

Find the Museum on Green Lake in front of Saulsbury Beach in Spicer, MN. You may park in the public lot adjacent to the beach and take the short walk onto the ice out to the Museum. 

Stayed tuned to Twitter and Facbook for  the exact GPS coordinates.

The ice is thick, no worries!

Vibrating Boundries #4 by Michael Eble
Vibrating Boundries #4 by Michael Eble

Michael Eble was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. He received a BFA degree in painting from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and a MFA degree in painting and drawing from the University of Mississippi, in Oxford, Mississippi. He is currently an Associate Professor of Studio Art and Curator of the Humanities Fine Arts Gallery at the University of Minnesota, Morris. He has shown his paintings and works on paper in numerous regional and national solo and group exhibitions, most recently in Louisiana, Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin.

Eble has been a recipient of several Imagine Fund awards and Grant in Aid awards from the University of Minnesota, along with a Residential Fellowship in 2008 from the Institute for Advance Study. He has also received additional grants and research funding from the McKnight Foundation, Lake Region Arts Council, Vermont Studio Center, Science Museum of Minnesota, and the New York Mills regional cultural center.

Michael continues to produce artwork that focuses on the element of water and its relationship to humans and the environment.

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