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The Traveling Museum invites proposals throughout the year from Individual Artists, Curators, Groups and Organizations.

Rural Aesthetic Initiative is committed to creating unique opportunities for both artists and audiences.  We help transform great “what if” ideas into fully realized public art projects. The Traveling Museum is designed to serve as both an experimental lab for makers and a space for audiences to connect with art and artists.  We are interested in supporting projects that merge dynamic creative vision with community engagement.

Please email 5-10 work samples (if applicable), project description, resume, and bio to

The Traveling Museum rests upon a 6 foot wide x 10 foot long standard trailer with a crank-down suspension. The interior has an 8 foot high-pitched shed roof with natural light.  The structure is registered as a fish house, but functions on both ice and land locations.

Accepted proposals for the ongoing general call must have secured funding for the round trip transport and facility fee to bring The Traveling Museum to the project location(s). These nominal costs are dependent on the project scope, location, and duration of use.  Contact us to discuss your unique project logistics.






  1. Megan Johnston

    I’m interesting in having the Traveling Museum coming to the St Croix River Valley region. How can I find out more?

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  3. Michelle Westmark Wingard

    Hey Andrew and Lisa,

    You are doing some amazing things! I was wondering what the timeline of your review process looks like?

    Congratulations on your recent honor!!!


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