Gris Gris Gumbo Ya Ya   snap shots from event on 2/6/15 

Gris Gris Gumbo Ya YA is a combination of terms from an older song by the famous New Orleans musician, Dr. John. The song lyrics references Michael Eble’s own New Orleans upbringing and fittingly described the one day/night art exhibition and social engagement project at the Traveling Museum. Visitors had  the opportunity to view some of Eble’s paintings and share a bowl Gumbo specially prepared by the artist.


Art In Odd Places/Indianapolis  Snap Shots from AiOPIndy 10/17-10/18/14

For this 2 day visual and performance public art event The Traveling Museum presented, Space Cowboy,  an exhibition to honor the spirit of adventure and exploration featuring Karl Unnasch, Michon Weeks, and Jonathan Gomez Whitney.  The Uncanny met the nostalgic in a display of three artists who each use distinct strategies to investigate the banal and raise it to the sacred, fetishizing the discarded, and provoking new frontiers by making the ordinary wondrous.


IMPACT by Miranda Brandon in partnership with Silverwood Park

Word Play by Mary Bergs a pop-up exhibition at the Willmar Public Library


Deep Space – The Traveling Museum Artist Residency at the Space Station in Fergus Falls, MN.  Featuring:  Michele Anderson, Dan Olson & Naomi Schliesman.

Danebod Folk School – Tyler, MN


Winter Painting on Green Lake – Spicer, MN


Disco Infused – The Traveling Museum Launch Celebration


The Traveling Museum Map




  1. Theatre L'Homme Dieu

    Hi! I’m the Interim Director for Theatre L’Homme Dieu in Alexandria. Our 2014 season runs 6/24 – 8/14. It would be wonderful to have the Traveling Museum visit us during this time. Please contact me via email!

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